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October 2, 2019
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October 3, 2019

Skenk bloed… Wees die verskil!

Kom skenk bloed – 20 Oktober 09:30-12:30 in die personeelkamer.

Wees die verskil en word ‘n gereelde bloedskenker.
Requirements for donation are:
  • Weigh at least 50kg;
  • Between ages of 16 and 65;
  • Healthy;
  • Lead a sexually safe lifestyle; and
  • Consider your blood safe for transfusion
You can’t donate blood right now if you:
  • Have low blood pressure;
  • Have high blood pressure;
  • Have low haemoglobin (iron);
  • Are pregnant;
  • Have had surgery recently;
  • Are taking certain medications
Your blood is not safe if you:
  • Have HIV or AIDS;
  • Had sex with, or worked as, a commercial sex worker in the past six months;
  • Have been treated for a sexually transmitted disease in the past twelve months;
  • Had more than one sexual partner in the past 6 months;
  • Had casual sex or sex with someone whose sexual background is unknown;
  • Have been involved in male to male sex in the past six months;
  • Ever injected with drugs or substances not prescribed by a doctor.
Pre-donation Tips
  • Eat a balanced meal at least 4 hours before you donate.
Before donating a donor will:
  • Complete a questionnaire containing personal details;
  • Answer questions concerning their health, sexual and social conduct;
  • Undergo one-on-one interview with a staff member as a follow up to answers on the questionnaire.
  • Iron (haemoglobin), blood pressure level and pulse rate will be checked;
  • Blood donation to take about 30 minutes.